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Refund Policy


RATIONALE: a) provide consistency and minimize surprises and disputes over the payment of dues and refunds; b) eliminate the time and effort wasted chasing members for payments of their dues; c) provide those who pay on time with fair treatment; d) retain some minor compensation for costs incurred in processing applications, late payments and refunds.

PAYMENT: The Richmond Curling Club requires all returning club members to pay the appropriate membership fee in full before October 15 at the start of the curling season, or a $25 late payment fee will be added to their cost of membership for that season. The onus is on individual members to take steps to ensure that their annual membership fees are paid on time to avoid the assessment of a late payment fee. New members joining the club for the first time are not subject to the late payment fee.

REFUNDS: If a member pays on time and then resigns from the Richmond Curling Club before the end of October, the Club will retain a $25 administration fee and refund the balance to the resigning member. Members resigning from the Richmond Curling Club should notify the Club as soon as possible in order to be considered for a possible refund. All refunds will be subject to RCC

All memberships in the Club shall be non-transferable and in the event a member ceases to be a member for any reason whatsoever, any monies paid to the Club in respect to the membership of such a member shall remain the property of the Club and shall not normally be redeemable to the member. However, the Executive Committee may use its discretion to suspend or cancel membership and/or reimburse fees, or a portion thereof, upon written application of the member and only for extra-ordinary circumstances. (Examples of such circumstances are health factors arising, which may preclude curling) If any such monies are refunded to any such member, then this shall be reported to the members at large by way of the minutes of the next Executive Committee meeting or Board meeting.

ESCALATION PROCESS: The escalation process is to be used whenever full payment has not been remitted by October 15th, or payment has been received after the due date but without the $25 late payment fee.

  1. Membership Director sends email outlining outstanding amounts (including the $25 late payment fee) to be paid within one week.
  2. If not paid in full within one week, an invoice for the outstanding amount is prepared, signed by the president and presented to the member in default.
  3. If not paid in full within the following week, the draw master, event coordinators and respective skips will be notified, and asked (after one week grace period) to temporarily replace the player in default, or proceed without that player, or default the game to the opponent.
  4. If the above measures don’t produce full payment, the Executive Committee will meet to consider suspension of membership.

Membership fees are due in full by October 15th at the start of each season. A surcharge of $25 will be added if payment is late (i.e. not paid in full by that date)

League Schedules

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About The Club

The Richmond Curling Club, founded in 1960, is located in the village of Richmond in south Ottawa.  We are proud to offer a safe and fun curling experience for all.  We welcome all skill levels to come out and enjoy curling. 


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